Dr. Pan received a Bachelor in Medicine in 1984 from Xiangya Medical College and a Master in Aerospace Medicine in 1989 from China Space Medical Institute. Pan obtained a PhD in biochemistry in 1991 and became a biology professor at Peking University in 1994, before obtaining a special approval for pursuing a second PhD in Political Economics under Zhuoji Xiao, a renowned economist. With a background in foundation medicine, clinical medicine, space medicine, biology and economics, Pan proposed the concept of the bioeconomy in 1995, integrating biological and economic theories. In 2003, he published a paper “DNA Double-Helix will Lead Mankind into a Biological Century” in the Journal of Peking University, in which he explained this theory. The theory comprises 10 subsidiary theories: Bioeconomics, New Capital, Econo-genology, the Biological Reconstruction of Assets Theory, the Medical Model of the Stock Market, the Theory of Information Carrier of Life, the Triad Theory, Socio-genology, the Theory of Asymmetric Management Information, and the Corporate Theory of State.

After over two decades of theoretical exploration and practices, Dr. Pan has become a strong advocator of bioeconomy and a leading figure of the bioeconomy era. Due to his groundbreaking achievements and outstanding contributions to bioeconomy, he is praised as the ‘the father of bioeconmy’.

In 2003, Dr. Pan Aihua published in the Journal of Peking University Natural Science Edition: DNA double helix will bring human beings into the biological Century (2003, volume thirty-ninth, sixth issue).

  • Dr. Pan with his PhD advisor, Prof. Shen Tong(a prestigious biochemist)

  • Dr. Pan with his PhD advisor, Prof. Xiao Zhuoji(a prestigious economist)

  • Pan Aihua was awarded a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Peking University in 1991

  • Dr. Pan Aihua is by the Unnamed Lake of PKU