• Chairman's Address
  • Era Evolution
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Chairman's Address

In the future, we will seek reciprocal and win-win cooperation with people from all walks of life, so as to seize development opportunities and courageously shoulder the responsibilities of our time. We will collaborate to create a better future and contribute to the exploration of a way that leads to a way of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, world economic development and innovation, and a way toward the peaceful and sustainable development of humanity! 

  • 生物经济产业(第1、2、3产业一体化融合发展)

    Bioeconomy Industry (Integrated Development of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Industry)

  • 改变了人类的生命观念

    Change the concept of human life

  • 社会主义社会、共产主义社会

    Socialist society, Communist society

After 2020, a new scientific and technological revolution featuring life sciences and biotechnology will be produced. Human society will enter the era of bio-economy, and the bio-economy industry (integration of the integration of the first, second and third industries) will be the pillar industry. Change the concept of human life.


Group video

Baoding Tongtianhe Bio-economic Demonstration Zone is located in the Taihang Mountain area in the west of Baoding Tang County, Hebei Province. It is 100 kilometers away from Beijing South and 70 kilometers away from Xiong'an West. The transportation is convenient. The Kunming Expressway and the Jingkun High-speed Railway in the planning and construction are on the verge. Peking University’s first bio-economic demonstration zone, which was built by Peking University, is also the most comprehensive comprehensive bio-economic model demonstration base built by Peking University.