The bioeconomy model refers to an economic model of value creation established under the guidance of bioeconomy theory, mainly including bioeconomy experimental zone, bioeconomy incubator, good healthcare practice (GHP), big industry, forest health & wellness, bioeconomy community, happy old age community, super good agriculture practice (sGAP), biolab supermarket, biofinancial supermarket.



In 1995, Dr. Pan Aihua proposed the concept of bio-economy for the first time in the world. In November 2003, he published a scientific paper titled “DNA Double Helix Brings Humanity into the Century of Biology” and created a bio-economic theory. Under the guidance of this theory, we have created ten bio-economic models, applied bio-economic models to innovatively develop bio-economic industries, and initially established the world’s first bio-economic system (bio-economic theory, bio-economic model, and bio-economics industry) for better The development and improvement of bio-economy, in 2013 in Chaohu Economic Development Zone, Anhui Province established the world's first bioeconomy experimental area. It is hoped that on the basis of successful experience in the experimental area, gradually build pilot zones and demonstration zones.

The Tongtian River bioeconomy demonstration area in Baoding is the first bioeconomy demonstration area established by Sinobioway Group, as well as the most comprehensive one, boasting ten bioeconomy mode demonstration bases and an area of around 1.5 million square meters. It is built in accordance with the general plan of ‘one belt, two cores and three projects’ and construction is estimated to be finished by 2025.



The big industry has three features: first, it takes bioindustry as the dominant force and the central role; second, it promotes the application of modern science and technologies in bioindustry; third, it promotes integrated and coordinated development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries. The bioeconomy industry is different from the bioindustry in that it is a key component of the big industry, which mainly includes the areas of biomedicine, bioagriculture, bioenergy, bioenvironment, biomanufacturing, and bioservices; meanwhile, the big industry is the core part of the bioeconomy industry.



Based on his studies of human society, economy and development history by using the bioeconomic theories, Dr. Pan put forward the concept of bioeconomy community, which says that it is an ideal model for China's new urbanization drive and an ideal community for the human being in the future. According to the Social-genology theory created by Dr. Pan, the family is the code of society; the organization is the gene; the community is the cell. The theory emphasizes that communities should be the key and center of social construction, management and services; therefore, communities, rather than a separate organization, should be the basic unit of social reforms and an ideal society for the human being should be constituted based on each individual social cell (the community). The bioeconomy community can be simply called the “Gene Tribe”, in which benefits of modern science and technology are extended to a lifestyle of green tribes. The New Capital Theory created by Dr. Pan holds that capital controls the world; life determines capital; genes dictate life. Sinobioway Group attempts to build the bioeconomy community- Sinobioway Commune. As the bioeconomy community represents the primary stage of communism (prototype), the bioeconomic theories also provide a strong support for the realization of a communist society. Therefore, the development of bioeconomy is an inevitable path towards the realization of an ideal society.

Bioeconomy is the ultimate solution to the issues concerning agriculture, countryside and farmers: addressing food security problems via new breeding technology, solving agricultural problems via bioeconomy industries, and addressing the problems of farmers and the countryside via bioeconomy communities (Sinobioway Commune). Sinobioway Group is building the world’s first bioeconomy community, Baoding Tongtian River Sinobioway Commune, in Shimen, Baoding, Hebei Province. Its planned area is 75.3 square km with currently 9827 people living in the 14 villages in the area.



Theory of Information Carrier of Life suggests that: Life is an information carrier designed by "Zhi Zhe" . According to this theory, the "Zhi Zhe" will "deposit" the information he needs on earth. In order to ensure it’s safe and reliable, the "Zhi Zhe" designed several forms of storage, namely plants, animals and micro-organism, from the simplest virus to the most complex human of thousands of types, just as from the simplest U flash drive, to the most complex supercomputers are all the information carriers for humans. According to this theory, the human body is the carrier of complete information. Based on this doctrine, the management of the process of life should be similar to the methods of information management. The life process management system includes three sub-systems: the life information acquisition system, the life information management system, and the life information detecting system. The life information acquisition system includes three parts: 1. Clinical diagnosis technology; 2. genomics, proteomics and metabonomics; 3. tissue storage (permanent source of life information). The life information management system mainly provides comprehensive, personalized and nanny-style pre-clinical health services, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and post-clinical health services. Life information monitoring system mainly conducts dynamic all-day monitoring of life information. Specifically speaking, it is to conduct timely intervention and management for some important life information. In conclusion, it aims to achieve health, longevity and well-being for individuals through the Good Healthcare Practice (GHP) of the whole life process.



Forest health and wellness uses forest eco-environment, forest scenery and forest culture as carriers, putting forest medical studies, modern health management and treatment theories at its core, integrates advanced medical technology, information technology and health insurance services, to provide comprehensive, individualized, nanny-style health management, treatment and forest old-age caring services. Its essence is health preservation and disease prevention. Gubeiyue Sinobioway forest health and wellness demonstration base in located in Gubeiyue national forest park in Tang County, Hebei Province, taking up 60 square meters.



Bioeconomy incubator is a bioeconomy model based on “biological reconstuction theory”. The theory of Biological Reconstruction of Assets. The Theory holds that the entire world economy is in the process of reconstruction; the reconstruction of economy (assets) can be classified in the following three categories: mathematical, chemical and biological, among which biological reconstruction is the most efficient and viable. It is processed in accordance with the principles of DNA recombinant.

The bioeconomy incubator can be established based on the Theory of Biological Reconstruction of Assets. The difference between bioeconomy incubator and common incubators is that it provides comprehensive, personalized and nanny-style services to the object of reconstruction. The bioeconomy incubator is applied to new drug research and development. It has three distinct characteristics: wide range of project sources, accurate project filtering, and complete service system. Sinobioway Group is planning to build the world’s first bioeconomy incubator by 2025. After that, around 25 new drugs can be approved each year, lowering the average cost of new drug research and develop-ment to under $50 million dollars, and reducing the time cost to around 8 years.



The society today treats old people as burdens. Nonetheless, according to bioeconomy theories, modern society should regard them as the fortune of society, and make use of their values (assets, funds, resources) to maximize their value and create a happy old age caring mode. Sinobioway’s happy old age community currently under construction is located in Baoding Tongtian River Bioeconomy Demonstration Zone, taking up an area of 1000 mu and 100,000 square meters construction area. It is capable of providing comprehensive, individualized, nanny-style service to around 1000 old people.



The SGAP demonstration base is planned to be built in the Tongtian River bioeconomy demonstration area in Baoding, with main plants including oil peony, various types of genuine regional drugs and vegetables.



Bio-financial supermarket collaborates with banks, security companies, insurance companies, trust institutions and other financial organizations in the fields of accounting, assessment, notarization and guarantee, incorporating financial products and services, and providing integrated service to enterprises and individuals.

10. Biological experiment supermarket


We will establish a Bio-lab supermarket demonstration base in the bioeconomy demonstration Zone in Tongtian River, Baoding. Bio-lab supermarket provides comprehensive, individualized, nanny-style services to bio-labs, including serving lab construction, lab operation and bioscientists (3S service system).