Baoding Gubeiyue Forest Park Tourism Development Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the investment and operation of a happy old-age community (characteristic town of ancient Beiyue Forest Kangye). Through the development of biological forestry (ecological forestry, people's livelihood forestry, economic and forestry), the practice of “old ageing, To sell pensions, the concept of a happy retirement. In accordance with the Peking University's Unnamed Forest Rehabilitation Model, under the premise of vigorously protecting forest resources, natural and cultural landscapes, the company has taken full advantage of the peculiar natural landscapes and rich cultural landscapes of the Gubeiyue National Forest Park to build a landscape leisure trail. Forest Art Town, Health Management Center, Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, and Happy Pension Community, integrating the development of the “medical-drug-health-health-tourism-food” industry, realizing the organic integration of the tourism industry and the health industry to “health protection and disease prevention” For the nature of service, we provide all-round, personalized, nanny-style health management, convalescence and rehabilitation, and health and pension for the three major forest health services, creating a new brand of green health industry, and achieving individual health, longevity and happiness.

Relying on the unique and ecological forest environment, varied and colorful forest landscape, green and safe forest food and rich forest culture of the Dongting Lake and Xiangjiang River, Sinobioway Forest Health & Wellness Base focuses on the theories and technologies of forest medicine, modern health management, nursing and rehabilitation. It integrates advanced medical and information technology with health insurance services and takes Healthcare and Disease Prevention as the nature of its service. It also provides three major health recuperation services namely health management, recuperation and rehabilitation and health nursing characteristic of its comprehensive, personalized, nanny style with an aim to build a new brand in the green health industry.

Baoding Gubeiyue Sinobioway Forest Health & Wellness Base is located in Gubeiyue National Forestry Park of Tangxian County in Hebei Province with the coverage of 60 square kilometers. The base is in accordance with the forest health care mode of Sinobioway Group, under the prerequisite of vigorously protecting the forest resources, natural and cultural landscape, sufficiently utilizing the peculiar natural landscape, rich cultural landscape and other predominant characteristics. The base mainly is constructed with the Health Management Center, Recuperation & Rehabilitation Center, and Healthy Aged Care Community, through the integration of "medicine-medical treatment-health care-body building-tourism", to realize the organic combination of tourism and health care industry and provide an all-rounded, individualized and nanny-style service of forest health care.

The Ancient Northern Mountain National Forest Park in Hebei province is situated in Damao Mountain in Tang county, which is also known as China’s ancient northern Mountain Hengshan or Mount Immortal, one of the five great mountains in this country. In the 13th year of the reign of Emperor Shun Zhi of the Qing Dynasty (1656 A.D.), the title of the Northern Mountain was shifted to Mountain Hengshan in Hunyuan, Shanxi province. Rising to 1,898 meters above sea level and covering an area of 4,873.33 hectares, high Damao Mountain has a wide range of flora and fauna as evidenced by its verdant original forest vegetation blocking the sunlight. Its forest coverage rate stands at 56.6%, which make it an ideal resort for building a forest recuperation and nursing community.