Corporate social responsibility, referred to as CSR) refers to the enterprises to create profits for shareholders bear legal responsibility at the same time, also undertake to employees, consumers, community and environmental responsibility, corporate social responsibility, the enterprises must go beyond the traditional concept to profit as the only goal, emphasizes on the human value in the production process of attention emphasis on the environment, consumers, and contribution to society.


First stage

From the middle of the ninety generation to the beginning of this century, with the promotion of international salesmen and branding, has gradually attached importance to the issue of social responsibility, and has established guidelines, standards or systems for implementing social responsibility in international procurement. Chinese companies are beginning to accept factory audits in the social responsibility of MNCs.

Second stages

from the beginning of the century to 2006, corporate social responsibility began to receive extensive attention. Chinese academic institutions, non-governmental organizations and international organizations in China began to systematically introduce and discuss CSR reporting on social responsibility systematically. Government departments have also begun to pay attention to the construction of corporate social responsibility. The Ministry of labor and the Ministry of Commerce investigate the construction of social responsibility for Chinese enterprises.

Third stages

enterprises to implement social responsibility, to achieve dynamic balance between enterprise economic responsibility, social responsibility and environmental responsibility, but will enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and social responsibility, and establish a good reputation and image for the enterprise, so as to enhance the brand image of the company to obtain a good impression on all stakeholders of enterprises, enhance the confidence of investors to attract the best the talent needed by the enterprise, and retain talent etc..

The eighth social responsibility


The task of the enterprise is to develop and profit, and to take on the mission of increasing tax and national development. Enterprises must take the responsibility of development and do well in economic development. We must take development as the center and take development as the premise, expand the scale of enterprises, expand the share of tax payment, accomplish the task of paying taxes, and make great contributions to the development of our country. But the concept of development must be scientific, any enterprise is not only the immediate, regardless of long-term, not only local, regardless of the overall situation, not only their own, regardless of the neighbor. Therefore, no matter which enterprise, we should attach great importance to the development under the guidance of the "five co-ordinate" Scientific Outlook on Development.


China is a country with a special shortage of resources per capita, and the development of enterprises must be adapted to the conservation of resources. The enterprise can not care for this and lose that regardless of the overall situation. As an entrepreneur, we must stand on the global position, adhere to the sustainable development, and pay high attention to the conservation of resources. We should make a determination to change the way of economic growth, develop circular economy and adjust the industrial structure. In particular, we should respond to the central call, implement the strategy of "going out", use two kinds of resources and two markets, so as to ensure the safe operation of the economy. In this way, our development can continue and the goal of quadrupling can be achieved.


with the economic development of the world and China, the environment is getting worse and worse, especially the pollution of the atmosphere, water and ocean is becoming more and more serious. The survival of wild animals and plants is facing a crisis. Overexploitation of forests and minerals has brought great threat to the survival and development of mankind. Environmental problems have become the bottleneck of economic development. For the sake of human survival and sustained economic development, enterprises must be responsible for protecting the environment and maintaining natural harmony.


medical and health, public education and cultural construction are very important to the development of a country. In particular, public education plays an important role in the removal of poverty and prosperity and strength in a country. Medical and health work not only affects the health of the whole nation, but also affects the supply of social labor resources. Cultural construction can cultivate people's sentiment through leisure and entertainment, and improve the quality of people. Our country, because of the previous period of less investment in these areas, more debt, the problem is more serious. While the development of public products and cultural undertakings is the responsibility of the state, but when the country is facing difficulties and insufficient financial resources, enterprises should share some financial strength and energy to develop health care, education and cultural construction.


although our economy has made great progress, there are still many difficulties as a big country with a population of 1 billion 300 million. In particular, the difficulties in the countryside are more heavy, and some of the poor need to help the poor. The responsibility is the need for the government to work, but also the needs of enterprises for the country share, participate in social relief. For the sake of social development, and for the development of our enterprises, our enterprises should pay more attention to helping the poor, and better shoulder the responsibility of helping the poor.


human resource is the precious wealth of the society, and it is also the support force of the development of the enterprise. To ensure the life and health of employees and ensure the workers' work and income treatment is not only related to the sustained and healthy development of enterprises, but also to the development and stability of the society. In order to cope with the requirements of the international standard of corporate social responsibility, and to achieve the goal of "people-oriented" and building a harmonious society, our enterprises must shoulder the responsibility of protecting workers' lives, health and ensuring the workers' treatment. As an enterprise, we should resolutely make good respect for the law and discipline, protect the employees of the enterprises, do a good job of labor protection, and constantly improve the wage level and guarantee the timely delivery of the workers. Enterprises should communicate with employees more, and more for their employees.

Responsibility embodiment
  • The responsibility of the enterprise to the government

    in modern society, the government has become more and more social services, playing the role of serving and implementing social justice for citizens and all kinds of social organizations. In this system, enterprises play the role of citizen society, consciously in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations of the government, legitimate business, pay taxes, other responsibilities and obligations stipulated by the government, and accept the supervision of the government and law intervention.

  • Responsibility of the enterprise to the shareholders

    , in modern society, shareholders are more and more large, and they are everywhere in social life. The relationship between enterprises and shareholders gradually has the nature of the relationship between enterprises and society, and the responsibility of enterprises to shareholders is also social. First of all, the enterprise should strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations, be responsible for the security and income of the shareholders, and strive to give the shareholders a rich return on investment. Secondly, the enterprise has the responsibility to provide the shareholders with real and reliable information on the management and investment, and not to deceive the investors.

  • The responsibility of the enterprise to the consumer

    enterprises and consumers are a pair of contradictory unity. The maximization of the profit of the enterprise is finally realized with the help of the consumer's purchase behavior. As an organization that can get profits through providing products and services for consumers, it is the bounden duty of enterprises to provide inexpensive, safe, comfortable and durable goods and services to meet consumers' material and spiritual needs, and is also the social responsibility of enterprises to consumers. The social responsibility to consumers requires enterprise responsibility to provide product quality and service quality, to fulfill the commitment to consumers in terms of product quality and service quality, not consumer fraud and profiteering, accept the supervision of the government and the public consciousness in terms of product quality and service quality.

  • Enterprise's responsibility to employees

    enterprise's responsibility to employees is an internal stakeholder issue. Enterprises must take considerable attention to the status, treatment and satisfaction of the employees. In the context of globalization, the rights of workers have been paid more and more attention by all the governments and social groups in the world. In 1990s, the use of young women Levi-Strauss famous jeans manufacturer working conditions in general prison like the fact under was exposed, in order to save the image, the launch of the first corporate social responsibility code, along with some multinational companies in order to cope with the fierce global competition, have to follow. In 1997, the Council of economic priority of non-governmental organizations engaged in social and environmental protection (CEP) established Accreditation Committee (CE2PA), renamed in 2001 for the international social responsibility (SAI), according to the "ILO Convention", "Universal Declaration of human rights", "the United Nations Convention on the rights of the child" and other international conventions formulated first in the world corporate social responsibility international standard, SA8000 standard and certification system (revised in 2001).

  • The responsibility of the enterprise to the resource environment and sustainable development

    practice has proved that industrial civilization has brought unprecedented prosperity to the human society, but also caused a disastrous impact on the natural environment that we depend on. Enterprises have played a major role in the pollution and consumption of the natural environment. Nearly half a century, the environmental revolution changed the attitudes towards the environment -- from denying the destruction of the environment to undertake no longer harm the environment responsibility, and hope to exert a positive impact on the environment. However, the situation in which the environment is getting better is only happening in the developed countries, and the whole human being does not go on the road of sustainable development. The root of this situation lies in the rapid growth of the population and economy in the emerging countries. Although these political and social problems beyond any enterprise's jurisdiction and scope, but a set of resources, technology, global impact and sustainable development in an organization and motivation only enterprise, so the enterprise should undertake to establish the sustainable development of the global economy this task, and then use this historic transformation to achieve their own development.

  • The responsibility of the enterprise to the community

    enterprise is a part of the society, and a part of the community. Establishing harmonious and harmonious relationship with the community is an important social responsibility of the enterprise. The responsibility of enterprises to the community is to give back to the community, such as providing employment opportunities for the community, providing charitable donations for the public welfare businesses in the community, publicizing the information related to business operation to the community and so on. A socially responsible enterprise is aware of the obligation to return a portion of the profit to the community in an appropriate way. Koontz and Verick, the world's leading management guru, believe that enterprises must contact their social environment, respond promptly to changes in social environment and become an active participant in community activities.