Culture is productivity. Culture is new economy. Culture to an enterprise is what soil is to trees. Without soil, trees will soon wither away. Culture is the soul of an enterprise and an inexhaustible source of driving force for its development. Sinobioway Group has attached high importance to corporate culture research and construction ever since its establishment and has gradually formed its own unique cultural and management system after over two decades of theoretical and practical explorations.


The theory of management information asymmetry

Management science is the study of the supervisor-subordinate relationship. Because both of them are human beings, the highest aim of management is to handle well the interpersonal relationship, and the highest level of management is to satisfy the pursuits of subordinates. Humans have three major needs and pursuits: as the advanced animal, they have three animal instincts - desires for food, sex, and self-defense; meanwhile, as a special kind of advanced animal, they also have consciousness in addition to animal sensations. Demands generated by consciousness are rational demands that are measurable, representing a higher level of needs, such as employment objectives, marriage and family and political democracy; spiritual needs, such as love, beliefs and delicacies represent the highest level of needs, even higher than rational needs and are not measurable. The differences of needs and pursuits lie in that fact that needs are objective, while pursuits are not always followed; in the real world, the two are concurrent most of the time (over 90%). By applying the perspectives and approaches of life and medical sciences, the Theory of Asymmetric Management Information is able to address the inherent problem of information asymmetry between supervisors and subordinates, so as to meet the aspirations of the latter as effective as possible, while fully mobilizing their initiatives and potential to realize the objectives of the former.

We require the employees to do three things properly:

to sing well two songs (The Internationale and The national anthems)

Sing songs:"The international song" and "the People's Republic of China National Anthem"

three sentences:① There are no supreme saviours, Neither God, nor Caesar, nor tribune. Producers,
let us save ourselves. We decree common salvation.(to have the spirit of autonomy)
② The Internationale unites the human race (to have firm belief)
③ As the Chinese nation faces its greatest peril (to have the sense of crisis),
Brave the enemy's fire (to have risk awareness), March on, on, on!
(to have the confidence to win)