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The Baoding Tongtian River Bioeconomy Demonstration Zone project was signed on June 25, 2014 by Sinobioway Group and the Tang County People's Government. The demonstration area is located in the Taihang Mountain area in the west of Tang County, Baoding, Hebei, 100 kilometers south of Beijing and 70 kilometers west of Xiong'an. The transportation is very convenient. The planned and built Yuqu Expressway and Beijing-Kunming High-speed Rail Expressway are on the verge of passing. The first demonstration zone of bio-economics is also the most complete demonstration base for the comprehensive bio-economic model of Peking University's unnamed construction. The standard area is about 150 square kilometers, and it is built according to the overall plan of “One Belt, Two Cores, and Three Major Projects”. One is the Tongtianhe Gene Tribal Belt (Tongtian River Ecological Corridor), and the other two are Tongtian Lake Core Area and the Daomao Mountain Core Area. The three major projects are the Bioeconomy Industrial Park (Medical Health Industry Cluster) and the Sinobioway Commune (Herbal Flower Sea Pastoral Complex), Happy Old Age Community (Gubei Yuelin Forest Kangyang Characteristic Town).

Baoding Tongtianhe Biological and Economic Demonstration Zone will promote the integration and development of the secondary and tertiary industries in rural areas through the establishment of a medical and health industry park, an idyllic complex, and a beautiful new-style town, and promote the deep integration of industries such as agriculture and tourism, education, culture, health, and pensions. We will build a platform for poverty alleviation of featured industries, expand opportunities for poverty alleviation through employment transfer, provide support for poverty alleviation and relocation from poverty, organically connect beautiful rural areas, effectively promote poverty alleviation in the region, and write a comprehensive account of “agricultural power, rural beauty, and farmer’s prosperity” in a new era. Revive a new chapter to make a model.

Facing the future, the Baoding Tongtian River Bio-economic Demonstration Zone will fully implement the strategic plan of Peking University's unnamed "One Step Two Steps to Realize Three Dreams": creating a bio-economic system, solving the problems of China's agriculture, rural areas, and solving China's health problems. Do not forget the initial heart, keep in mind the mission, move forward, and make every effort in the era of bio-economy to build a great future for the ideal home of the human race—a genetic tribe that relies on the bio-economic system to enjoy the fruits of modern civilization and lead a primitive tribal life.